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Functions (S/N/T/F) are basically responses of “YES” or “NO” to data.
Perception (Sensing or iNtuition) is an involuntary (“irrational”) form of “yes” or “no”, as to whether something just “IS” or “ISN’T”.
Judgment (Thinking or Feeling) is a more willful (rational) determination of “yes” or “no”, where WE determine something is “RIGHT” or “WRONG”.

The functions’ focus:
S=material [“known/unknown”];
N=hypothetical [“guessed/nayed”];
T=mechanical [“true/false”];
F=”soul”-affecting [“good/bad”].

i=determined by subject;
e=adopted from the environment

These can be seen as “divisions of reality”, like between space or time “directions” when we are facing one way and the other…

Eric Bolden

NYC motorman, MBTI certified type enthusiast, INTP, thinker about many areas of life.

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